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Happy Easter

He is risen. He is risen indeed! That is the traditional greeting of Christians to one another on Easter throughout the world, and I am grateful that I can live in the US, where freedom of assembly and freedom of … Continue reading

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Puff, the CCP’s Magic Dragon

In my previous post, I pointed to an article on Xinhua in which some party officials were calling for the “spread” of democracy in China. After reading that article, I felt somewhat encouraged that perhaps China’s political future was heading … Continue reading

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Direct Elections in China?

I’ve claimed in a couple of my posts here that eventually political reform will happen in China, but that it will take time. I ran across this article on Xinhua, “Chinese villagers make bold attempts at democracy,” which seems to … Continue reading

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So, Just How Worried is the CCP?

I ran across this Associated Press article on Yahoo News this morning, “China paper blasts Middle East protest movements.” According to the AP article, the Beijing Daily editorial said “The vast majority of the people are strongly dissatisfied (with the … Continue reading

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