Happy Easter

He is risen. He is risen indeed!

That is the traditional greeting of Christians to one another on Easter throughout the world, and I am grateful that I can live in the US, where freedom of assembly and freedom of worship are rights guaranteed to citizens. We just got home after attending the Easter service at our church – and I didn’t have to get permission from the government to attend whatever church I like.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the case in China. If a Christian in China (and there are many) wants to attend a church, he or she must register with the government and may only go to a government-approved church. Today (well, yesterday now in China), the government arrested Christians just for attending an unregistered church near Beijing, showing once again just how intolerant, corrupt, and fearful the CCP truly is. What astounds me is that the CCP, whose leaders are generally pretty smart people, does not seem to understand that these violent and oppressive measures against peaceful people just add fuel to the fires of discontent and dissatisfaction.

I am afraid for the future of China, if the people finally have had enough of the CCP’s corruption and brutality. I am afraid for my friends there – could they end up in a bad situation if widespread, massive protests erupt? I will be praying for China on this Easter.

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  1. Tom says:

    Hey Pete, just wanted to make a clarification here, Chinese Christians don’t have to register to go to church, but the church does have to be registered, and it’s up to the gov’t to approve it.

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