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Feeling Discouraged

One thing about learning Chinese is that, for me anyway, it often throws me for a loop. Just when I start to feel like I am making some progress – perhaps even getting pretty good at it – something happens … Continue reading

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So, in my Chinese class last night, our teacher had us role-play as shopkeeper and customer to practice speaking Chinese.  Two of my classmates took their turn, so the one playing the customer pretended she wanted to buy a skirt … Continue reading

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Shopping! Tomorrow night, I have my Chinese language class, so I am studying and finishing my homework today. This chapter in the textbook (Integrated Chinese, Level 1 Part 1 – yeah, I’m a beginner) is titled “Shopping”(买东西 – pinyin: măi dōng xi, literally … Continue reading

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认识你们很高兴!Or in English, “Hello everyone! Happy to meet you all!” I wanted to see how well WordPress handles Chinese. It seems to do just fine. I can use the Microsoft Chinese Pinyin ABC IME (Input Method Editor) in the WordPress … Continue reading

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